Personal Training Gold Coast - 24 Hour Gym with Qualified Personal Trainer in Bundall on the Gold Coast

Trim Tone and build

“We do what we do because we live for and encourage better health within our community.”(Peter Fitzgerald – owner operator of BodyChoice Fitness Studio)

The team at BodyChoice Fitness have been in the health and fitness industry collectively for over 40 years now with trainers from Professional Sports backgrounds i.e. rugby league and Union in Australia and the U.K, former Body sculpting competitors now specialized trainers in their fields to weight loss programmers and consultants.

We are always looking to expand our knowledge as much as possible and we are inspired by the experiences from great coaches and mentors within the health, fitness and wellbeing arena.
We have been developing, designing and delivering specific programs to over 2000 clients now and growing. We are experienced in areas of

  • Pre and Post pregnancy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weight loss and fat reducing
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Muscle gain
  • Muscle shape and tone

There are a number of training routines that we can implement to your individual needs and as there are a lot of variables to designing your program and we do it based around your lifestyle and also everyone comes in all shapes and sizes so we tailor the program so you will get you the results you are looking for.

If you would like to learn how to gain muscle density and tone and lose that unwanted body fat permanently… even in your soft spots… and help get your metabolism running like clockwork, click on the x 2 free sessions and let’s put the zing back into you.


I’ve been with Pete since he started on the coast as a trainer with Zest Health Clubs. I struggled to increase my weight and my self esteem was low. I only had a small goal of just 2kg when I started. But when I gained 3kgs in the first month from simple things Pete showed me, it just blew me away. This was new stuff to me and my work at that time played havoc and I lost it all. I can’t imagine where I would be now as Pete was listening to my concerns and with his strong client base he was confident to refer me to Janet who hired me as a full time employee. Since then its 2 yrs on I train 5 days a week and once with Pete to keep me on track.

Now I’ve increased my muscle mass by 11kg while maintaining my body fat levels at a minimum, well I do like some goodies here and there too. My friends keep complimenting me on how good I look and my size, especially through the shoulders and arms, which always gives me a smile. I feel more confident in who I am and thank you, Pete for your assistance and persistence in helping me get what I want.

Rob Day, Labrador


My life, my body and the best decision I ever made!

My phone rang and I realized it was my wife calling me. It was a quick

conversation. She told me that during her lunch hour she had gone to

the gym next door and had joined both of us and also got some

personal training sessions. I had never been to the gym and wasn’t

going to start now. Well….that changed very quickly. I started with my

personal training sessions. I thought I might give it a go since my back

and knee was giving me trouble lately.

It ended up being the best decision I had ever made. I started with

Pete once a week and then increased to two sessions, as I got more

and more serious with my fitness regime.

I was a smoker and slightly over weight. As I enjoyed the exercise

(something I never thought I would actually enjoy), I started going to

the gym 5 nights a week. Pete helped me with my program and

inspired me everyday to push myself and believe that it is possible for

someone at my age to become healthy and become fit.

As a result I am no longer a smoker. I eat healthy and have no problem

with my back and/or knee anymore. I couldn’t even do one push up

and now……well, Pete pushes me to the limit. We do weights, boxing,

and cardio and we change the program regularly. I have learned so

much about training and fitness that I now train my wife sometimes.

Fitness has become my religion and I have realized as Peter says, “Your

Body, One Life, Your Choice” and I am so glad that I have made the

right choice.

Thanks Pete!

Reza Tabrizi – Bundall